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Breezee Mist Foot Powder, 4 oz

Breezee Mist Spray Foot Powder's unique action, safeguards against offensive foot odor and dries excessive foot moisture

$23.95, 2/$43.11, 3/$57.48
Castellani Paint Modified

Dries moist skin. Great to use between the toes.  It works quickly and is outstanding at instantly relieving the itch caused by athlete's foot.

$59.95, 2/$107.91, 3/$143.88
Fungoid Tincture, 1 oz bottle

Fungoid Tincture has been used on fungus toenails for many years.
$32.95, 2/$59.31, 3/$79.08
Fungoid Tincture Topical Antifungal Treatment Kit

Fungoid Tincture has been used on fungus toenails for many years. Complete kit includes Fungoid Tincture, Nail Scrub and Pedi-Nail Brush.
$58.95, 2/$106.11, 3/$141.48
Hydrisalic Gel, 1 oz

Aids in the reduction of dry, scaly or calloused skin. Great for heel fissures (cracked skin)!

$31.95, 2/$57.51, 3/$76.68
Lazer Creme

Helps minimize scarring and aids in the regeneration of skin following surgery - especially laser surgery.  The natural moisturizers help relieve fissures, keratosis and dryness of the skin.

$23.95, 2/$43.11, 3/$57.48
Ostiderm Roll-On, 3 oz

Embarrassed by foot odor? This will take care of the problem!

$23.95, 2/$43.11, 3/$57.48
Pedi-Boro Soak Paks, 1 dozen

A mild astringent solution - soak your tired, sweaty, itchy or swollen feet.

$14.95, 2/$26.91, 3/$35.88
Salactic Film 17%, 15 cc bottle with brush applicator

For removal of common warts. This superior quality product has been used successfully by podiatrists for many years. Don't settle for less!

$27.95, 2/$50.31, 3/$67.08
Sal-Plant Gel

Wart killer in a convenient gel base.  For the removal of common and plantar warts.

$33.95, 2/$61.11, 3/$81.48
Ureacin-10 Lotion, 8 oz bottle

Urea based lotion for moisturizing and softening dry, cracked, calloused, rough, hardened skin of the feet, hands, or other parts of the body.

$23.95, 2/$43.11, 3/$57.48
Ureacin-20 Creme

Outstanding moisturizer for dry, cracked, calloused, rough, hardened skin.  Adds elasticity to skin.  Breaks down callus.

$28.95, 2/$52.11, 3/$69.48

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