Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™

Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™
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Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™

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Rx Comfort Socks For Sensitive Skin

The Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™ use Friction Free® fibers such as Teflon® fiber to help prevent foot blisters and skin irritations that can lead to debilitating skin infections among people with diabetes, poor circulation and sensitive skin.

Rx Comfort Socks use the revolutionary patented Blister Guard® technology of knitting Friction Free® fibers into the entire foot portion of the sock.   According to independent scientific studies, Teflon® has one of the lowest coefficients of friction among known fibers.  This reduction in friction greatly diminishes the opportunity for blisters and other skin irritations to develop.

Other benefits include a seamless (inside portion of sock) toe closure for total comfort, antimicrobial-treated fibers and an extra-wide, non-binding top that stretches to accommodate swollen legs and feet.  The socks retain their elasticity without further restricting circulation.

Blister Guard®, Friction Free® and Rx Comfort Socks for Sensitive Skin™ are Friction Free Technologies, Inc. registered trademarks.  Teflon® is a DuPont registered trademark.

DR. GREEN'S COMMENTS:  "If you suffer from skin irritations, such as blisters, you will love these socks.  Everyone from diabetic patients to athletes will appreciate their unique qualities.  The concept of using Teflon® fiber is original and aids in the overall comfort of the socks.

We have always been told to wear cotton socks.  This is an old wives tale.  Cotton socks absorb moisture holding wetness against your skin.   This makes you more prone to fungal infections, blisters and other skin disease.   If you have problems with fungus toenails or athlete's foot, these socks may help prevent recurrence.

One of the best features this sock offers is the seamless toe closure.  If you have diabetes or poor circulation, you are at risk for skin breakdown from irritation at the sock's ridge.  I highly recommend this product."


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Small (7-9) White only 1-4 2-5
Med (9-11) White, Black,
 Navy & Khaki
4˝-9 5˝-10˝
Large (11-13) White, Black,
 Navy & Khaki
8˝-12˝ 9˝-13
X-Large (13-15) White only 12-16 N/A

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