BioSole-GEL SPORT Self Forming Orthotics Men'sZoom

BioSole-GEL SPORT Self Forming Orthotics Men's

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BioSole-GEL Sport Orthotics

The BioSole-GEL Sport Self Forming Orthotics provide maximum support along with excellent shock absorptionThey have a 3/16" thick insole designed for shoes with removable inserts or shoes with extra room.  The orthotics are extremely lightweight, the pair only weighing 3.5 ounces (Size G).

All BioSole-GEL Orthotics share the following benefits:

Precise, Self-Conforming Support:   Provided by a multi-layer construction which dynamically conforms to the contours of the foot while keeping its resiliency.

Ultimate Heel-Pain Relief:   Provided by the gel padded heel-cup, combined with a special recess under the heel.

Unsurpassed Comfort: Provided by the even pressure dispersion and cushioning effect of the gel.

FOOT AMERICA'S PODIATRIST COMMENTS:   "These insoles are unique since they are filled with a resilient self-molding foam and a viscoelastic Gel.  They provide precise cushioning support and evenly distribute the body's weight across the foot.  The insoles are especially helpful in people that need arch support but have found other supports uncomfortable.  They will maintain support but will mold to your foot, alleviating pressure points.  The Sport model is our best selling of the Bio-Sole GEL line.  They are thicker than the others providing great shock absorption while being very lightweight."

SIZING INFORMATION: The BioSole-GEL insoles are available in whole sizes only.  For half sizes, select the next smaller size.

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