Darco MedSurg Duo Pressure Relief Post-Op Surgical ShoeZoom

Darco MedSurg Duo Pressure Relief Post-Op Surgical Shoe

Item# 800163
The MedSurg Duo shoe combines two different densities of EVA to provide excellent pressure relief long term. The sole provides 4x better shock absorption than a standard thermal plastic resin sole. The MedSurg shoe is built to last. - The EVA sole is lightweight, more durable, lasts 4x longer, and provides better shock absorption - Adjustable ankle strap with ankle pad is sifter, meaning more patient comfort - Dual Buckle means strap and pad can be switched left or right - The DUO is compatible with the Peg Assist Offloading Insole to form the premier offloading combination on the market Duo EVA sole provides up to 40% pressure reduction over a standard post-op shoe

Due to the nature of this product, these can not be returned or exchanged.
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