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Dressinet® Tubular Bandage

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Foot and Ankle Dressing - Dressinet®

Dressinet®, a tubular elastic net made of cotton and lastex, is a unique product that is extremely valuable when dressings have to be frequently changed and adhesive tape cannot be used.

What makes Dressinet® unique?:

  • The new fast way to hold dressings in place.  Difficult bandaging areas become very easy.
  • Saves time and money.  Very little Dressinet® is needed for each bandage and it is reusable with each dressing change.  Simply roll Dressinet® back, change dressing and return Dressinet® to original position.
  • The dressing is more comfortable.  No adhesive tape is needed.  Ordinary clothing - even shoes - can be worn over it.
  • Does not restrict circulation.
  • Does not stick to wound or dressing.
  • Free movement is not restricted.
  • Non-Allergenic.

FOOT AMERICA'S PODIATRIST COMMENTS: : "Kling bandage is typically used to secure gauze pads to wounds, however, it can be quite costly to use.   The Dressinet® tubular bandage helps keep expenses down and makes the chore of dressing changes easier and faster.  You will be thrilled to have discovered this product."

PRICING & SIZING INFORMATION: Each box contains 25 yards (stretched) of Dressinet®Size 0 works well when used on toes or fingers.  You also receive two (2) boxes for the price of one (1)Size 1 is best for the feet and hands.  Size 2 should be ordered for very large or swollen feet or ankles.  It can also be used for the knees and elbows.

RETURN POLICY: Due to health code regulations, once opened, this product cannot be returned for any reason.

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