Silopad Digital Pad, Package of 12Zoom

Silopad Digital Pad, Package of 12

Item# 700107

Foot Corns Pads - Silopad Digital Pad, Package of 12

Silopads™ provide ideal for relief from painful hammertoes, and hard and soft corns. Slip it over your toe and rotate it so that the gel rests against the sore area.

FOOT AMERICA'S PODIATRIST COMMENTS: "If you have hard corns (top of toe) or soft corns (side of toe) you NEED this product. The pads are thin and comfortable and won't fall off like toe separators will. Each pad is reusable and usually lasts about one month. I have used these in my practice for many years and patients love them.

PRICING INFORMATION:  Silopads™ are sold in packages of 12.  Mix and match sizes for quantity discount.

SIZING INFORMATION: The "Large/X-Large" is best for the big toe. The "Small/Medium" is best for all other toes. The "Mini" is good only for the little (pinky) toe of a petite woman."

RETURN POLICY: Due to health code regulations, once opened, this product cannot be returned for any reason.

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