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Vite E Creme Gordon Labs.

Item# 744008
Gordon’s Vite E Creme is a vitamin enriched moisturizer for a variety of dry skin conditions. It has been designed as a hypoallergenic cream for sensitive skin and postsurgical use. Gordon’s Vite E Creme revitalizes the skin tissue with the natural healing agent of vitamin E in a high potency formulation (1,500 IU/oz.) that is readily absorbed into the skin. Gordon’s Vite E Creme may aid in wound healing (anti-scarring) and may have topical anti-inflammatory properties

• Prepared with the extra-strength vitamin E formula • Scented, water-soluble, non-greasy, white cream is ideal for general skin care • For geriatric and diabetic skin, and dry foot conditions • Helpful in the treatment of fissures, chafed skin, and sensitive or irritated skin • Useful for nursing home or bedridden patients
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