Waterproof PICC Line Cover by Dry Pro - ReusableZoom

Waterproof PICC Line Cover by Dry Pro - Reusable

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Waterproof PICC Line Cover
by Dry Pro - Reusable


If you have PICC (peripherally inserted central catheter) you know the area around where the PICC is inserted is prone to infection.  You will find that using the Dry Pro PICC line cover when showering or swimming helps to keep bacteria and other contaminates away from the vein the PICC is inserted in.  With a Dry Pro PICC line cover, you can keep the area around the vein completely dry whether you are in the shower or the ocean.

The Dry Pro offers excellent PICC line protection and is made from waterproof fabric.  The Dry Pro is completely watertight keeping your PICC line dry.  The Dry Pro offers the only PICC line protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep your PICC line dry.  It is so completely and totally waterproof between the waterproof material and the vacuum seal, that you can even dive off a diving board or ride the ocean waves and still have your PICC line stay completely dry.  The Dry Pro PICC line cover fits snugly yet comfortably offering protection during a shower, a bath, and even an active swim.  Unlike modified garbage bag products, the PICC line protection offered by the Dry Pro protector is unmatched - it cannot slip off.  You can't even pull it off!  The Dry Pro PICC Line Cover is made of durable high quality surgical latex.  Jump in the pool!  Play in the waves at the beach!  Shower or bathe repeatedly with ease!



How water-resistant is the Dry Pro?

The Dry Pro is TOTALLY WATERPROOF.   Because of its patented vacuum seal, the Dry Pro will keep your PICC line completely dry.  At any time, you can easily check the vacuum seal by simply seeing a dimple in the ProPump.  With the Dry Pro, you can "See and Feel the Seal."

What activities can I do while wearing the Dry Pro?

You can go swimming, go to the beach, bathe or shower.  The Dry Pro is totally waterproof.  Because of its patented vacuum seal, the Dry Pro will keep your PICC line completely dry.  At any time, you can easily check the vacuum seal by simply seeing a dimple in the Pro-Pump.  With the Dry Pro, you can "See and Feel the Seal"!

What if the Dry Pro feels too tight or is difficult to stretch on?

The Dry Pro is made of stretchy latex rubber and will stretch over the PICC line.  If you find that it is too hard to stretch on or too tight after it is on, you can widen the opening.  First try it on the good limb to see how it feels.  If it feels too tight by the opening you can trim a quarter of an inch straight across the top.  Be careful not to cut all the way down to the valve area so that the opening becomes larger than the limb.

What if the Dry Pro Opening is too large?

If the Dry Pro opening is bigger than the limb, than you have the wrong size and you need to e-mail us so we can send you the right product.

What makes the Dry Pro unique?

The Dry Pro is the only truly waterproof protector in the world.  The flexible latex is natural and very comfortable.

Is the Dry Pro durable?

The Dry Pro is extremely durable.  The product can be used over and over again and will last years even with daily use.  It is made of strong surgical latex and can stretch up to 1000 percent of its original size.



  1. Slide on the Dry Pro - Try the Dry Pro on your good limb first.  Only if the Dry Pro feels too tight you may trim the top slightly to increase the opening size.  Do this little by little until the opening is comfortable, but still smaller then the limb.  Now, stretch on the Dry Pro waterproof cover so that it completely covers the cast or bandage plus an additional inch.  The top should be smooth against the skin.  Be careful of sharp objects.  A fingernail, sharp fiberglass threads on a cast, can rip the cover (Putting a soft ace bandage or a tube sock with the toe cut out over the fiberglass cast will help reduce sharp fiberglass threads from cutting into the Dry Pro waterproof bandage cover).
  2. Pump out the air - continue to press the bulb until it remains flat and Dry Pro waterproof clothing is completely wrinkled.  Remove the pump and push on the safety cap.  Observe the Dry Pro waterproof cast and bandage cover for a few minutes before going in the water.  As long as the Dry Pro waterproof clothing stays collapsed and wrinkled, the vacuum is intact and the Dry Pro bandage protector cannot leak or come off.
  3. Slide off - When you are done using the Dry Pro waterproof clothing, simply lift up the cuff to let the air back in.  The Dry Pro waterproof bandage cover should now be loose.  Simply slide it back off.
  4. Note - Do not leave on for extended periods of time.  We recommend removing it after every 45 minutes of use.  Do not use in vascular compromised patients.  Steady yourself in wet slippery areas.  The Dry Pro cast and bandage protector contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic reactions.  Always follow your doctor's advice.


 FOOT AMERICA'S PODIATRIST COMMENTS:  "This is the best water protection device I have ever tested, and its reusable!  It works so well, you can even swim with it.  Convenience is important to my patients and this product provides just that.  Many people try to cover their arm with a plastic bag and seal the top portion of the bag around their arm using duct tape.  Usually, they step out of the shower with a bag full of water!  What about the pool and the beach?  People with PICC lines usually just avoid swimming and miss out on sharing the fun with family and friends.  With the Waterproof PICC line cover, you can now enjoy these activities! "



To size the Dry Pro for PICC lines, measure the circumference of the forearm and the bicep.  The protector can be trimmed to fit anyone, just make sure that your measurements are within the range below.






PC-11 (X-Small) Bicep Circumference:  6 -9 in.
Forearm Circumference:  5 - 8 in.

$ 31.95

PC-13 (Small)

Bicep Circumference:  8 -11 in.
Forearm Circumference:  6 - 9 in.

$ 33.95

PC-15 (Medium)

Bicep Circumference:  11 -13 in.
Forearm Circumference:  7 - 10 in.

$ 34.95

PC-17 (Large)

Bicep Circumference:  12 -15 in.
Forearm Circumference:  8 - 11 in.

$ 35.95

PC-19 (X-Large) Bicep Circumference:  14 in. & up
Forearm Circumference:  9 in & up

$ 36.95


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